Who the heck am I?

Ok, you asked for it..here we go:

After many years of slaving for corporate employers who could never appreciate my creativity and unusual flair, I was tired of the same old boring stale websites that corporations wanted.  I had the opportunity to design unique and “non-traditional” site for unique individuals. This inspired me to break free of the boring template encrusted world and let my imagination run wild.

Honoring my inner nerd, artsy habits, and sarcastic humor, pink pwny designs was born.

Why have a website that looks like every other website on the internet? Why not let your personality run rampant in showing your stuff to the world wide web?
These are the questions I offer you.

Clean, simple, easy to navigate, yet original and beautiful is my motto.

Your digital image should be a reflection of your true self. And it shouldn’t be out of your reach.
At least, I think so.